suspend/resume timings

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Apr 3 11:52:26 EDT 2007

> The keyboard is left powered up during suspend: we shouldn't need to
> reset it at all (except on power up).  This is so you can touch a key
> or the keypad and get the CPU back instanty. 

I think "instantly" is misleading.  You need power so you can get it back at 
all.  If there is no power to the keyboard there is no way for the keyboard 
to generate a wakeup signal.

What's the plan for USB?  Currently it gets powered off.  Is that the long 
term plan?  If so, we can't wakeup the CPU from USB gizmos.

USB is polled from the host.  (There isn't a separate interrupt wire.)  Does 
the XO have special hardware to do that or does the CPU need to poke the 
hardware occasionally?

What's the short/intermediate plan for people using ssh over a USB Ethernet 

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