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5. Porting Illumination (MARTIN WOODHOUSE)
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>From Ivan Krsti    . . . .The mailing list software automatically rejects messages with attachments larger than a certain (relatively conservative) size. I
suggest you simply post the file on the web somewhere, and send a link
to this list instead of sending the file individually to people who are

Ivan Krstić <krstic at> | GPG: 0x147C722D
    Sound idea, which I shall implement forthwith.  (Forthwith means not until this evening because I will give you a 100% guarantee from The Wonderful Word 
  Of Computing that I won't be able to alter my own Website without hours of
  frustrated shouting of "Why the **** won't you do what it says in the ******
  manual is going to happen? . . . "  etc. 
  But after a while the following will be the procedure:--
  (1)   Go up to my Web site at
  (2)   from the Hme page, find the ILLUMINATION page 
  (3)  At the foot of this ILLUMINATION page I shall have put a button
  saying 'run demo' or something similar, which, if you click it
  (4) -- will indeed run a 30-page demo and argument in favour of
  e-books, illustrated in colour and with unclothed ladies & all that . . .
  And he great thing is to NOTE THAT although this demo, being a 
  shade over 13 MiB, was not allowed onto this site, EXACTLY the
  same demo presentation, again in full colour and with 30+ pages, 
  would, if made in Illumination, occupy less than a megabyte
  and coud have been accepted for downloading with no problem
  ---- and of course the same aplies to childrens books written
  in Illumination . . .
Cheers,   Martin

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