C Hello World and Windows tool chain

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Mon Apr 2 06:21:46 EDT 2007

Hi Everyone,
We are about to start a porting a large C project to the OLPC and have a couple of questions that we can't find the answer to in the wiki or archives. Before we start to reinvent the wheel, does anyone have the answers to the following:
1) Is there an complete (preferably graphical/windowed) OLPC 'Hello World' example written in C anywhere?
2) We use a Windows XP based build farm to compile and build our projects for all the platforms we target. We want to build our OLPC port on the same build farm (i.e. we don't want to have to build our projects on Linux). Does anyone have documentation/executables/etc (presumably cygwin based) for some or all of a tool chain that builds OLPC applications written in C on Windows?
Any complete or partial solutions to the above welcome and we will compile a 'How To' for the wiki or wherever for the community if it would be helpful.
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