Rewriting for Linux?

Mon Apr 2 00:45:54 EDT 2007

  Hello All
  I have a fairly sizeable application, written in (Borland) C for MSDos, which I think 
  might be useful if ported across to the XO.
  I have no Linux experience whatever, though I'm competent in C -- or at least I was 
  20 years ago when I wrote the application. 
  It's entirely self-contained and self-running, but I can already see that I cannot hope
  simply to recompile its code into Linux ! ( For one thing, all its display functions 
  are writtten for 640 x 480 VGA.).
  I am currently reading background material in order to teach myself Linux, but what 
  I would like to know is what software you guys & gals are using to write and 
  compile your code?   Red Hat or what?   
  If you can advise me, I wouldn't have to try and make a guess at what coding 
  system to get hold  of.
  With best wishes,
  Dr. M. C. Woodhouse MB, BCh. 
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