Display optimization

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Oct 10 18:57:07 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

I just read again that the display does "about 800×600 in color  
mode". However, from the prototype I got the impression that "color  
mode" means not much more than switching the backlight on, right? The  
frame-buffer will still be 1200x900. Also I think someone mentioned  
there is no video scaling hardware, just the optional anti-aliasing  
in color mode.

So am I right in assuming that from the software's pov, it doesn't  
really matter, X will always run at 1200x900x16? Has it been decided  
if it will be 5-6-5 or 4-4-4-4, yet? Or is that configurable?

For optimal speed I'd like to avoid pixmap conversion, so what is the  
fastest way to get bits to the screen? Is there a way to get direct  
frame buffer access, or is XSHM the way to go, or something  
completely different?

- Bert -

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