[OLPC-devel] i want some people to chat on OLPC................

Ashok Kumar viswanathan.ashok at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 01:56:16 EDT 2006

Hi All,

This is Ashok kumar, from Bangalore,India.

recently i have joined to this mailing list and i am also contributing on

my request for Hardware is in pipeline and i will get it soon, it

i have little experience on device driver programming and application
programming using Qt on GNU/Linux.

There are many requirements on OLPC. but i want to contribute on driver
developement or any other system side programming.

i want some people, who are living in bangalore. so that i can talk to them
frequently and i can share my knowledge with them.

if any body having big idea to do and you are searching for the people...
please let me know...

i can  help you...

so, please respond me

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