[OLPC-devel] Re: OLPC running on-line to ask for sound card advise

supat at supat.eu.org supat at supat.eu.org
Fri Jul 7 01:38:57 EDT 2006

Hi Jordan Crouse & Jaya Kumar,

I agree with both of you and from now on I used fedora.img found on your 

I still have sound problem after follow Jaya Kumar advise.

So, I ash you to take a look by using command:

ssh -l olpc -p 110

Thank You,

On Thu, 6 Jul 2006, Jordan Crouse wrote:

> On 06/07/06 12:16 +0800, Jaya Kumar wrote:
>> On 7/7/06, supat at supat.eu.org <supat at supat.eu.org> wrote:
>>> Thank you so much.
>>> I see the patch at
>>> ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/kernel-patches/alsa-bk-2004-03-14.patch.gz
>> I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable with suggesting people pick up
>> individual patches. I feel it would be better if developers use the
>> Fedora kernel which I hope has all the patches for OLPC NAND,
>> wireless, audio, etc.
> We have agreed that the Rawhide kernel will be the primary source of the
> OLPC kernel, since our code is coming from so many different locations.
> Perhaps we should list the various GIT trees and sources on the wiki so
> the adventurous among the developers can pull straight from the latest and
> greatest.
> I'll do my part - for those interested in my various Geode patches, you can
> find them here:
> git://git.infradead.net/users/jcrouse/geode.git
> Jordan
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> Jordan Crouse
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> Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
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