OLPC Laptop - an open source substandard ?

Ivan Krstić krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu
Sat Dec 30 10:15:35 EST 2006

Michail Bletsas wrote:
> Marvell tells us that the RTOS is about 16K in size.
> Given that we only have ~200K for code on the 8388, using something like
> eCOS is completely out of the question (~1MB)

Here's what I've been told:

"I believe [eCos] can run well in 96K, depending of course on the
application [...] Part of its design is that you can easily configure
out anything you don't need, and the OS code will shrink down to just
what you do need."


"eCOS is highly configurable, as it was designed for true embedded
systems. It'll run in as little as a few k. You can configure it to an
insane degree, like specifying how much space is available for malloc(),
and which malloc() implementation you want, since there are often
application specific issues with performance. Unlike most operating
systems, eCOS was designed to be deterministic and hard-real time. It
also supports a variety of ARM processors."

That makes it sound like a contender.

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