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To: Purchase Dept 

I am very happy to know you from website http://lists.laptop.org that
you are doing business of laptop parts.
This is Bill from HongKong Flier Developers Co.,Limited, a reputed
supplier of laptop battery. 
Besides replacement laptop battery, we also have a wide and stable
source for original/genuine laptop parts like laptop batteries,
adapters, keyboards, memory, etc. 

I would like to provide latest stock of original HP laptop adapters for
your reference: 
HP 18.5V-3.5A (DC:4.8*1.7)  US$13.5/pc   350pcs; 
HP 18.5V-3.5A (DC:7.4*5.0)  US$17.7/pc   450pcs; 
HP 18.5V-4.9A (DC:4.8*1.7)  US$14/pc      380pcs; 
HP 18.5V-4.9A (DC:5.5*2.5)  US$14.2/pc   540pcs; 
HP 18.5V-6.5A (DC:    USB)  US$20.7/pc   300pcs; 
HP 19V-4.74A (DC:4.8*1.7)  US$14/pc       400pcs; 
HP 19V-4.74A (DC:7.4*5.0)  US$17.7)/pc   400pcs; 
HP 19V-7.1A  (DC: 7.4*5.0)  US$ 22.4)/pc  350pcs; 
I would like to provide detailed pricelist if you request, and hope that
we have chance to do lots of business. 

We apologize for any inconviences if you are not interested in the

Thank you! 

Have a nice day! 
Bill Luo (Sales Supervisor) 
HongKong Flier Developers Co.,Limited 
Tel: +86-755-2828 4807    Fax: +86-755-8957 8417 
bill at flierdevelopers.com
billflier at hotmail.com 
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