[olpc-help] Using the Terminal Activity & Adobe Flash

SMJ H smjh_99 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 17:25:55 EDT 2008

To whom it may concern:

I sent an email 3-5-07 to help at laptop.org but never
got an answer. I have couple of problems:

1. Why is the following always the first line in the
Terminal Activity: [ olpc at xo-OD-4D-AA~]$

I can the type "login" without the quotes and without
a colon: with a space after the $ (see above first
line in the Terminal Acitivty) and hit Enter and get
"password"  I don't have a password but the cursor
won't accept anthing anyway!
 2. I don't know how I managed to download Adobe Flash
GHS ver. 8,0,99,0 by typing in the following this
info. is from the wiki:

wget flash90115.notlong.com

I saw the download happen but I got the wrong version
of Flash - I did the test on the Adobe link and now
I'm not sure how to delete that GHS version.

3. I tried to log in as root but get a bash-3.2#
message as it told me I had to be root in order to
uninstall the Flash by using this from the wiki:

  yum remove flash-plugin- release

Please help!!  I am not a programmer and I need help
in order to keep this laptop and learn how to use it!

Thanks in advance,
Susan Hemes

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