[olpc-help] Disk 84% full

thepete community-support at lists.laptop.org
Thu Jan 17 19:13:15 EST 2008

Steve, you're the second person I've bumped into over the past couple of days who didn't know what SSD meant--sorry, I figured it would be as commonly understood as "HDD", but I guess I'm premature. :)

Anyway, so, no, I have no idea what I'm looking at in amongst the directories.  And 84% on a TiVo would unnerve me as much as it does on my XO (which is equally as much as it would on my Mac or an old Windows PC).  

In general, it's just a good idea to leave some space for the machine to breathe a little bit.  I don't know about the XO, but Macs and PCs both can use spare HDD space for extra RAM, so I just got into the habit of not filling my computer's drives to the breaking point.  

I know I have a newer build, but I doubt the engineers behind the XO would intentionally take up more than 50% of the on-board storage space with default software.

I'm hoping one of the developers will see this post and suggest directories that perhaps fill up with temp install files or perhaps a directory that has stuff in it due to a bug but that can be deleted.

For instance, the /versions/ directory seems like it's got a lot of data in it--it's taking up a lot of space, there looks to be copies of the entire file system in there and I'm wondering if I can't delete them. 

So, that's more specifically what I'm talking about.

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