[olpc-help] charging battery/running with power cord

matt91 community-support at lists.laptop.org
Thu Jan 10 13:55:50 EST 2008

nicksan1 wrote:
> I am very disappointed with this laptop so far.  I bought it for my granddaughter for Xmas and haven't given it to her yet since I recently received it and was testing it out first.  Well, it worked fine on battery power until it needed to be re-charged.  Now I plug the power cord into it and nothing happens, no battery light or power light.  Oh, it did turn on for about 20 seconds, then nothing.  So, the battery won't charge and the laptop won't run off of an electrical power source.  After reading some of the troubleshooting procedures, it looks like I need to be some sort of electrician to get the battery re-charged.  Why can't I get sent a new battery?
> Thanks - Nick 8)

Can you clarify a little bit what's happening with your XO?

When you have it plugged into the wall, is it functioning normally? Even with a bad battery, it should run fine when plugged in (either with or without the battery installed). 


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