[olpc-help] Boot failed on attempted upgrade from 650 to 767

Tom Harries TomHarries at isd.net
Tue Dec 2 11:07:18 EST 2008

Thank you Richard!

I bought a new usb drive--no loss, they were on christmas special--put the
files on that and it worked without a hitch.

Thomas Harries

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Tom Harries wrote:

> Downloaded and placed on flash drive os767.img and fs.zip. Inserted 
> flash drive XO off. Held 4 game keys and turned on. Released as
> First screen comes up and dissapears. Then second screen with 3 icons 
> appears.
> Then the following:
> "Trying nand: \boot-alt\bootfs.zip"
> "Trying nand: \boot-alt\runos.zip"
> "Boot failed"
> turn off using power button.

I've seen this before.  I seem to remember that it was an issue with open
firmware not liking the USB flash drive.  My first suggestion is to try a
different USB flash drive. Or if you have an SD card to try and put the
files on that.

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