[olpc-help] USBVGA - wrong resolution! tiny fonts(?!) glitchy keystrokes

Andrew andrew2006 at flight.us
Tue Aug 5 03:27:10 EDT 2008

I still don't have _both_ displays working at once, in twin/clone mode; however, it occurred to me today to try to make the external monitor's "screen" in "xorg.conf" be the primary and only screen in the default ServerLayout.

Sure enough, this sent, or, I should say, /attempted/ to send the correct display through the USBVGA; however, the circle is off-center, below it.

And the most mind-boggling thing is that on the main menu the fonts in the icon labels, which appear onMouseOver, are tiny on the external monitor -- very disproportional to their original ratio to the rest of the screen.

And lastly, for some reason, in the command line, I have to type a character TWICE sometimes, to send it through (Most evident is with the Enter key)

So, 1) still no clone with xorg.conf 2) Can't get 1200x900 aspect ratio on the external monitor, which (i presume) leads to incorrect layouts, desktop sprawling beyond the edges, etc. and 3) tiny fonts!

Please help!


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