[olpc-help] USB2VGA adapter on the XO

Andrew andrew2006 at flight.us
Fri Aug 1 10:35:55 EDT 2008

I added the monitor and device sections, as instructed on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Adding_USB_SVGA

However, the external monitor remains blank when I restart X

This appears to be further away from success than my earlier configuration which has an additional Screen section (Screen[SISUSBVGA]) and a ServerLayout section that states both screens and tries to configure X for an external clone.

With the latter I at least get a white screen on the external monitor, and the ability to have mplayer output to the external monitor (with DISPLAY=:0.1), in a small box in the center of the screen.  

Although this is not what we need! We need to have exact clone/mirror of the first display on the external monitor.

Please help!

>I bought the usb2vga dongle mentioned in the wiki pages.
>plugging the dongle into the XO does not seem to trigger the needed device(s) 
>creation, although something does show up via dmesg
>I came across these instructions: 
>but i don't know if this driver will work with the XO
>I don't even know where the equivalent of grub or lilo is on the system, nor 
>how to pass kernel options, if that's possible. 
>any help is greatly appreciated.
>(working for the South Carolina OLPC initiative)
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