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> You'd have to sugarize that software, i.e make an .xo bundle of it.
> and then it can surely run on sugar.

Which, to be fair, you would have to do.

You asked "what do you think of the idea" to port ("copy") the chess game
from the N800 to the OLPC. His thought was, well, that you'd have to port

> No links, no ideas, no advise on which format (crafty, gnu chess).  No
> comments on Xboard.  NOTHING.

You didn't ask for about formats or even explain to those reading along what
Xboard is. I'm a user that would like a chess game, but I don't have any
opinion on what "crafty" or "gnu chess" do or don't do better. Neither do a
lot of people, thus the few responses. Since you wanted to port an existing
game, however, I expect most of those questions are already answered, no?

If you're curious, you can check our wiki ( http://wiki.laptop.org/ ), that
we link to heavily, that has guides on writing activities. You can check the
development site where we have bugs and track software (
http://dev.laptop.org/ ), where there are skeleton activities you can use as
a reference.

May I kindly state:  you were no help.  Sorry, to say that.  I am sure you
> are a very nice guy.

 Please be more specific and patient with your posts. Better luck next time.

Michael Burns * Student
Open Source {Education} Lab
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