Screen blacks out midway during boot

jwjarvis community-support at
Mon Dec 24 12:19:03 EST 2007

I do believe your assertion about thousands of children who have never seen computers not having problems with the XO.  They do not have the expectations we windows-conditioned folk do.  For example, I had a problem finding the shutdown command right in the center of the screen, because I expected to find it in a START button on the lower left.  And I admit I had some help solving this problem so I wasn't really alone in this.   I could have waited for help (this forum) instead of plowing ahead solving it by myself.   But I didn't, because of my impatience which is a cultural bias.  That's why I still maintain that the target audience for these laptops are groups of children with adult supervision, not persons with a previous windows background who expect too much.

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