[olpc-community-support] WIFI WEP Key access issue

mricet mricet1005 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 21:27:34 EST 2007

It was suggested I try a HEX key.  My AP does not have an explicit HEX key mode, however all keys are required to be HEX numbers.  For WEP 64 it is a 10 digit HEX number and for WEP 128 it is a 26 digit HEX number.

I tried both and tried setting the XO in WEP 128 passkey mode and HEX mode but neither would connect.

Are other early G1G1 users having the same problem?

When is a fix likely to appear?  Is anyone working on it?

If it is Firmware (was hypothesized it may be firmware issue), is that user updateable?



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