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Walter Bender walter at laptop.org
Sat Apr 8 16:55:56 EDT 2006

8 April

1. With the successful on-time release to fabrication of the 
first-generation printed-circuit board, Mark Foster and the hardware team 
have been devising plans for the delivery of large volumes of developer 
boards to support our software-development partners, as well as the 
evaluation needs of our launch countries. We decided to move as quickly as 
possible with pre-A-test boards. This will let developers work with a 
feature set that is much closer to the production feature set than any 
commercial alternatives. Achieving large volumes of these hand-tested PCBs 
is somewhat challenging; we expect to release the first 100 developer 
boards in May, with the remaining 400 shipping in June.

2. Mark and Jim Gettys are also working together with the Open Source 
community to propose new techniques to support OLPC's power management 
architecture.  (Jim will be attending a Power-Management Summit in 
California next week.)
3. Seymour Papert, Alan Kay, Walter Bender, and other members of the team 
spent time thinking through many aspects of the eBook/Wiki platform. Alan 
demonstrated a wiki that supports modifiable and executable Logo programs 
within the pages of the wiki itself. It is this type of dynamism we will 
be supporting in the eBook. Walter is pulling together a team from the 
Mediawiki community to build out the basic infrastructure.
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