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#12925: hang on boot, circle of dots
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 SKU322 with Fedora 18 or Fedora 20 and the siv121c camera module may hang
 on boot, with the screen showing circle of dots, which may be rotating,
 with the storage LED either off or blinking in a regular pattern.

 The hang persists until power button is held down.

 No response to keyboard, serial port, touchscreen, or mouse.  No response
 on serial port to BREAK for sysrq.

 Occurs about 1 in 20 attempts on CQF501035CE, and about 1 in 100 attempts
 on CQF5010319D.  Occurs more frequently if the system has been power
 cycled, or recently fs-update.

 With kernel command line option loglevel=7, the last kernel output is:

 [    6.860595] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): re-mounted. Opts: (null)
 [    7.444366] systemd-udevd[224]: starting version 208
 [    8.124603] siv121c 0-0033: chip found @ 0x66 (i2c-gpio-1)
 [    8.142364] systemd-journald[204]: Received request to flush runtime
 journal from PID 1
 [    8.245880] got GPIOs power=150 reset=102

 The symptom frequency is not changed by removing the camera drivers;


 The hang can be prevented by setting CONFIG_VIDEO_MMP_CAMERA=n which also
 disables use of the camera.  Tested with 3647 boots.

 The hang occurs during clk_mmp_enable, called from mmpcam_power_up as

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