#11842 NORM Future : input audio sometimes arrives on the wrong channel

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Mon Sep 28 23:05:21 EDT 2015

#11842: input audio sometimes arrives on the wrong channel
            Reporter:  Quozl         |          Owner:  saadia
                Type:  defect        |         Status:  new
            Priority:  normal        |      Milestone:  Future Release
           Component:  kernel        |        Version:  Development build
          Resolution:                |  as of this date
          Blocked By:                |       Keywords:
Deployments affected:                |       Blocking:
            Verified:  0             |  Action Needed:  diagnose
Changes (by Quozl):

 * milestone:   => Future Release


 Seen to occur ocacsionally after suspend and resume on kernel 95c24cb
 prepared for #12867.

 Analysis might include correlating codec register writes that start i2s
 serial data port against writes to the SSPA that reset the serial clock

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