#12872 HIGH -: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds

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#12872: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds
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Comment (by Quozl):

 Replying to [comment:22 Matias]:
 > But, the ceibal.edu.uy page now is lagging, we see it in the animation

 Test of ceibal.edu.uy content slider animation.  The JavaScript on web
 page is an old version of bxslider.com.  The slides are JPEG images larger
 than the display area.  A stippling is applied to the slides, and the
 slide X position is changed, forcing redraw at varying offsets.  The
 chosen delay is very short.  Before the recalculation completes, the
 position is changed again, and so the render operation is cancelled and
 restarted.  This results in an apparent animation rate of one frame every
 few seconds, and occasionally a frame showing two images side by side.

 ||''Operating System''||''Result''||
 ||32016r4, OLPC OS 13.2.3-16 Fedora 18, with vMeta, without OpenGL||one
 frame every few seconds||
 ||41009o4, OLPC OS 14.1.0-9 Fedora 20, with vMeta, with OpenGL||one frame
 every few seconds, and an out-of-memory crash within five minutes||
 ||410010xx4, OLPC OS 14.1.0-10 Fedora 20, with vMeta, without OpenGL||one
 frame every few seconds||

 In each test, the X server is at 98% CPU utilisation, and during
 recalculation the mouse cursor does not respond to touchpad events.

 Therefore removing OpenGL has not changed the animation, but has given
 more time than five minutes in order to see the animation.

 The animation lag is is not a new problem, is specific to the web page,
 and consistent across operating system versions.

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