#12872 HIGH -: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds

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Tue Mar 24 17:04:26 EDT 2015

#12872: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds
            Reporter:  ebordon       |          Owner:  Quozl
                Type:  defect        |         Status:  assigned
            Priority:  high          |      Milestone:
           Component:  not assigned  |        Version:  Development build
          Resolution:                |  as of this date
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            Verified:  0             |  Action Needed:  design

Comment (by Quozl):

 Lagging of the ceibal.edu.uy page was not tested by me.  So there is no
 purpose in providing my build.  I'm not surprised there is lag; the
 possible causes are either:
  * automatic power management was on,
  * the browser was using OpenGL ES 2.0 API, or
  * the build is missing vMeta packages.

 The suspension mode is entered because the CPU resources are no longer
 being drained fully, as they were before.  Suspension may be perceived as
 lag.  Turn off automatic power management to test for lag.  My tests were
 with automatic power management off.

 You can check for missing vMeta packages by carefully comparing your
 *.packages.txt list with your previous list, and with my list.  Look for
 the packages identified by our Wiki page [http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Vmeta
 vMeta].  You have not provided your *.packages.txt list, so I cannot
 review.  I have reviewed your "deshabilita geogebra" git patch, which
 looks okay.

 The #12871 Firefox issue is expected to be fixed by this change.  Please
 read my notes on #12871.  There continues to be no evidence of Firefox
 instability.  There is good reason to expect that instability alleged to
 be due to Firefox is actually caused by #12872, this ticket.

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