#12872 HIGH -: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds

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Thu Mar 19 01:08:15 EDT 2015

#12872: Desktop instability in Ceibal Builds
            Reporter:  ebordon       |          Owner:  Quozl
                Type:  defect        |         Status:  assigned
            Priority:  high          |      Milestone:
           Component:  not assigned  |        Version:  Development build
          Resolution:                |  as of this date
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            Verified:  0             |  Action Needed:  design

Comment (by Quozl):

 Replying to [comment:5 ebordon] (comment 5):
 > 1 - Do you know which packages we need to remove? Can you tell us?
 Yes.  Remove the xorg packages, see my
 [http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/z/1YYSI5.txt list of packages to remove],
 and then make a build.  I've removed these from the OLPC restricted
 software repository.

 As a test, I've made a build.  It boots fine.  It does not replicate the
 problem.  In case it is useful for your analysis, I've uploaded a
 [http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/z/1YYS6P.txt package list] of my test build.

 > 2 - Can you explain more detail this line?
 > > The logs did not contain journalctl. There's an opportunity for you to
 add that to logs.

 ''journalctl'' is a program that queries the contents of the systemd(1)
 journal.  It is part of Fedora 20.  The journal function replaces an older
 function that used files in /var/log.

 Replying to [comment:6 ebordon] (comment 6):
 > Do we need to add these lines described in ticket:12834#comment:5 in
 order to disable openGL ES?

 No.  This is now handled by /usr/sbin/olpc-configure on first boot as a
 result of [http://dev.laptop.org/git/projects/olpc-
 utils/commit/?id=474dd2a388f4f8d00f9fc42666e4b15d722a60c1 this patch].

 > Must we uninstall vivante or any other rpm?

 You should remove the RPMs from the build, and make the build again.
 While it might be possible to downgrade packages after install, it is

 Memory usage of the test build is being monitored:


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