#12875 NORM Future : zhashfs vs fs-verify-quick interaction, spurious mismatch

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Thu Mar 19 00:17:46 EDT 2015

#12875: zhashfs vs fs-verify-quick interaction, spurious mismatch
     Reporter:  Quozl                |                 Owner:  Quozl
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     Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  Future
    Component:  not assigned         |  Release
     Keywords:                       |               Version:  Development
     Blocking:                       |  build as of this date
Action Needed:  design               |            Blocked By:
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                                     |              Verified:  0
 zhashfs generates .zd and .zsp output for block zero twice, the first time
 to erase the partition table in case the install is interrupted, and the
 second time with the correct data.

 this results in fs-verify-quick always failing on block zero, and fs-
 verify reporting block zero as mismatch.

 workaround is to remove the first block zero line from the .zsp file
 before using for verify.

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