#12873 HIGH Not Tri: Keyboard mapping in Ceibal Andoid Image

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Wed Mar 18 06:44:15 EDT 2015

#12873: Keyboard mapping in Ceibal Andoid Image
            Reporter:  ebordon  |          Owner:  Quozl
                Type:  defect   |         Status:  new
            Priority:  high     |      Milestone:  Not Triaged
           Component:  android  |        Version:  not specified
          Resolution:           |       Keywords:
          Blocked By:           |       Blocking:
Deployments affected:           |  Action Needed:  diagnose
            Verified:  0        |

Comment (by Quozl):

 Proposed action plan !#1:

 * make an Android build with keyboard mapping default,
 * boot, change the keyboard mapping using Settings, and shutdown,
 * boot a Linux build and read the input-manager-state.xml file.

 Proposed action plan !#2:

 * provide via FTP or HTTP a copy of your Android build without boot
 animation and with keyboard mapping at default,
 * we will download and test on SKU322,
 * we will try to change keyboard mapping in a copy of the build.


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