#12871 HIGH 14.1.0: Firefox instability in Ceibal Builds

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Tue Mar 17 10:31:06 EDT 2015

#12871: Firefox instability in Ceibal Builds
     Reporter:  ebordon              |                 Owner:  Matias Basso
         Type:  defect               |                Status:  new
     Priority:  high                 |             Milestone:  14.1.0
    Component:  not assigned         |               Version:  Development
     Keywords:                       |  build as of this date
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Action Needed:  test in release      |  Deployments affected:
                                     |              Verified:  0
 By using Firefox at times this restarts the session. At the moment we have
 difficulties to reproduce the problem since we can not establish a context
 that triggers this error. Also, we not see affected the frequency of the
 bug during generation of images.

 We did some surveys and we detected that in Firefox the CPU usage
 increases over time and finish restarting the session. And also happend
 almost the same with RAM.

 We detected that when we load this three page in build 60, the bug occurs:
 * ceibal.edu.uy
 * domo.ceibal.edu.uy
 * www.elobservador.com.uy
 * any other.

 Something that seem to be a pattern is the velocity that the tabs are
 opened. We saw that when we opened a new tab (with a loading page) and the
 next one we opened a minutes after, don't fail. So, when we delay the time
 between openings tabs, the frequency of the bug seems to go down.

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