#12905 NORM 13.2.0-: 12 apps find root access disfunctional

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Mon Jun 29 15:20:25 EDT 2015

#12905: 12 apps find root access disfunctional
     Reporter:  fatalbert    |                 Owner:  suyouxin
         Type:  enhancement  |                Status:  new
     Priority:  normal       |             Milestone:  13.2.0-android
    Component:  android      |               Version:  not specified
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 The apps below were tested on an xo-4 touch running the rooted image from
 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Android.  I understand from ticket 12899 that
 root access is deployed and that the /shutdown/ app is "lying".  However,
 11 other root-requiring apps also fail, thus rendering useless the variety
 of root access that's offered.

 It would be unreasonable to raise a ticket against every root-requiring
 app project asking them to cater for the unique differences in the OLPC.
 Why not implement root access in a common way?  This ticket is to enhance
 the root access in a way that apps can actually use it.  These are the
 error messages of the 12 apps:

 Orbot (org.torproject.android):
   Your device does not appear to be rooted or provide 'Superuser' access.

   Could not acquire root access.

 Chrome UA(com.linuxjet.apps.ChromeUA):
   Your phone does not contain a superuser binary.  This will prevent this
 application from working correctly.

 Root Verifier(com.abcdjdj.rootverifier):
   Root permission not granted or superuser app missing

   The device is not rooted.  The shutdown only works on rooted devices.

   There was an error installing Superuser.

 Terminal emulator (jackpal.androidterm) "$ ls /data/":
   opendir failed, Permission denied.

   Failed to open the tun interface.  Error: Cannot open TUN

   Root test failed.  Something is wrong when trying to use su.

   Could not obtain root.

   Either the su binary could not be found, or you did not allow root
 permission for FasterGPS.

 Wifi key view(com.maralexbar.wifikeyview):
   Error: root access is needed and have installed busybox binaries.

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