#12742 NORM Not Tri: PolarBears badly reproduced with vmetaxvsink

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#12742: PolarBears badly reproduced with vmetaxvsink
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Comment (by Quozl):

 Using XO-4 13.2.3 with restricted software enabled at build time, tested
 the mp4 file.

 Worked fine with gst-launch-0.10, with totem, with Firefox, and with

 Did not start playing with gst-launch-1.0, Browse-157.1, Epiphany, or
 /usr/libexec/webkitgtk3/GtkLauncher.  ldd shows webkitgtk is built with
 GStreamer 0.10, and webkitgtk3 is built with GStreamer 1.0.  Applying all
 Fedora 18 updates made no change.

 Missing from the build were gstreamer1-plugins-vmeta and gstreamer1-libav.

 The symptom in gst-launch-1.0 changed from not starting to showing a
 window and not playing.

 The symptom in Epiphany changed to can play.

 The symptom in Browse changed to can play.

 The PolarBears.mp4 content continued to show the symptom described by
 Daniel in this ticket, which might also be skipped frames.  Daniel's tests
 were before dual core support.  Epiphany is showing 140% to 190% CPU
 usage, so earlier tests would have skipped more frames.

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