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#12899: root needed
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 An app that indicates whether a device is rooted says that the OLPC is

 Presumably, (one would hope) this is not intentional.  No one hacking
 their unsecured OLPC to function as an Android would want to be denied
 root access.

 The immediate need for root turned out to be moot - but this should also
 be regarded as a defect:

 Android OS power button is undocumented, prompting users to download a
 shutdown app, only to discover that shutdown apps require root.  The OLPC
 power button only shuts the screen off and enters standby mode.  One would
 expect holding down the OLPC power button to immediately do a forced
 unsafe shutdown (as documented here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Shutdown),
 but in fact holding down the OLPC power button invokes the shutdown menu
 for a safe shutdown.  So http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Shutdown needs to
 clarify that the action to force a shutdown on Sugar is a normal shutdown
 on Android.

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