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#12503: Add localhost IPv6 alias
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 There is already an entry in /etc/hosts for ip6-localhost, but using that
 name in the libsoup test case, or changing /etc/hosts, does not fix the
 problem.  Because of AI_ADDRCONFIG used deeper in the stack you cannot
 rely on localhost to be available.

 So for all web activities, you should be using  Given the server
 is always to be used via the local network interface, this doesn't seem

 This will have the added benefit of defending against an attack where
 /etc/hosts or DNS is changed to point localhost to a remote address.

 This is unrelated to the purpose for this ticket though, which was to
 check for ::1 in /etc/hosts on a later Fedora release once olpc-os-builder
 is used with it.  I've checked our Fedora 20 build on XO-4, and it has ::1
 localhost6, so I'm closing this ticket.

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