#12909 NORM Not Tri: red flashing power light after installing 13.2.5 on XO-4

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#12909: red flashing power light after installing 13.2.5 on XO-4
            Reporter:  jvonau        |          Owner:  Quozl
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Comment (by Quozl):

 The flashing red power light means the EC firmware was unable to
 communicate with the battery, or there is some other condition associated
 with the battery that blocks charging.

 Please follow the procedure at
 Battery LED is flashing red] and tell me what error is displayed.

 Some questions:
 * which Open Firmware and EC firmware were in use before update?
 * does the power light flash red repeatedly without battery present?
 * does another battery show the same symptom?
 * does the symptom follow the battery into another laptop?

 EC firmware corruption is very rare but has been seen once or twice, on
 units with EC serial cables that may have been exposed to ESD.  Usually it
 bricks the laptop.  I've never seen it do what you observe.  To reflash
 the EC firmware;
  ok flash-ec rom:\ecimage.bin

 We changed compiler for this EC firmware release, which may have changed
 critical timing effects.  You might also try downgrading Open Firmware,
 then downgrading EC firmware (using flash-ec), to see if the symptom goes

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