#12908 NORM 14.1.0: collaboration interoperability failure report via jabber

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Wed Jul 8 18:52:48 EDT 2015

#12908: collaboration interoperability failure report via jabber
     Reporter:  Quozl                |                 Owner:  Quozl
         Type:  defect               |                Status:  new
     Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  14.1.0
    Component:  sugar                |               Version:  Development
     Keywords:                       |  build as of this date
     Blocking:                       |            Blocked By:
Action Needed:  never set            |  Deployments affected:
                                     |              Verified:  0
 * shared activity icon did not appear in neighbourhood view of 0.106
 * when activity was shared over jabber from 0.104 instance,

 [08:41:23] <satellit> Quozl`  I have installed o;pc-sugar (ubuntu) to
 500GB HD  and am
 testing...my XO-4 with sugar 0.104.0  build 14.1.0 for XO-4 (build 8) sees
 chat from
 0.106 but 0.106 does not see chat from 0.104
 [08:41:46] <Quozl`> satellit: thanks.
 [08:42:32] <Quozl`> satellit: that's likely to be a problem with the XO-4
 build, but
 i'll write it up in a ticket for you.
 [08:42:46] <satellit> will report more as I can  irc-12 works on 0.106
 from software in browse
 [08:43:03] <Quozl`> satellit: are these two instances of Sugar connected
 via a Jabber
 server or using only local network?
 [08:43:17] <satellit> jabber.sugarlabs.org
 [08:43:50] <Quozl`> thanks.

 * the referenced Fedora 20 build for XO-4 was released 4th April, with
 packages [http://build.laptop.org/14.1.0/os8/xo-4/41008o4.packages.txt
 listed here],
 * the referenced Ubuntu build was released on 8th July, with packages
 sugar-14.04.2-desktop-amd64-1436317817.iso.packages.txt listed over
 * ticket is logged here first on the assumption that the fault is with the
 Fedora 20 build.

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