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#11944: Add Firefox for Gnome
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Changes (by peasthope):

 * milestone:   => Not Triaged


 reuben wrote,
 "Launches with no homepage. You get a blank screen with no indication of
 what you need to do next."

 Epiphany opens the page which was open when it shut down last.  The
 continuity is reasonable.  Arguably better than always opening a home
 page.  Of course the first start up will have no preceding address to
 open.  A specific page might be preferable to a blank.

 "No Home Button"

 A "home page" can be set as the top bookmark.  The only functional
 difference between that and a conventional home button is that the
 bookmark list must be open to be visible.  Mousing over the bookmarks icon
 makes the marks visible.

 Familiarity isn't a good criterion for evaluation of software; or any tool
 really.  Better to apply the concept of efficiency.

 An "Epiphany FAQ" page could address many of the complaints and

 Regards, ... Peter E.

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