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#12877: cifs compatibility windows 2012 server
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Comment (by Quozl):

 a simple file open and write over cifs works okay in olpc labs, but hangs
 when attempted against the proposed manufacturing server.

 provided test method for capturing packets during file access over cifs.

 '''test: packet capture of create file'''
 1.  insert USB network, insert USB drive, turn on system, stop at ok

 2.  type these commands:
 dev /obp-tftp d# 1500 to capture-length dend
 del u:\t3.cap
 capture u:\t3.cap
 to-file cifs:\\user:pass at ip\share\help.txt help
  (the system will hang up, as you have observed already)

 3.  press the interrupt key once, (system will still be hang up on
 display, but is ready at invisible ok prompt)

 4.  type this command and press enter (do it carefully, because you cannot
 see what is typed):
  (this will stop output to file help.txt and start output to display; the
 ok prompt must appear ... if it does not appear, abort test)

 5.  type this command and press enter:
  (this will show the exact point of hang up, on display, and in log).

 6.  type these command and press enter:
 save-log u:\t3.txt
  (this should create new files t3.cap and t3.txt on USB drive.)

 Send both files to me by e-mail.

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