#12820 HIGH 14.1.0: runin-fscheck fails citing random-seed

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Mon Sep 29 04:32:07 EDT 2014

#12820: runin-fscheck fails citing random-seed
 Reporter:  Quozl         |                 Owner:  Quozl                            
     Type:  defect        |                Status:  new                              
 Priority:  high          |             Milestone:  14.1.0                           
Component:  build-system  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
 Keywords:                |           Next_action:  diagnose                         
 Verified:  0             |   Deployment_affected:                                   
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 On build 41002o4:

 bash-4.2# /runin/runin-fscheck
 Check fs version 2 with hash
 Loop 000000 : Contents manifest failure at line 319
 Last file examined: random-seed
 FAIL: fscheck: 1411979081 : 90.11 : code=1

 A file /var/lib/systemd/random-seed is present in 41002o4.files.txt.gz,
 and on disk, along with /versions/pristine/2/var/lib/systemd/random-seed .

 The random-seed has moved from /var/lib/ to /var/lib/systemd/ in the move
 from Fedora 18 to Fedora 20.

 Will try adding /var/lib/systemd/random-seed to /etc/statetab.d/olpc in

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