#12807 NORM 14.1.0: serial console enter key mishandled by O_NONBLOCK

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Fri Sep 26 21:59:10 EDT 2014

#12807: serial console enter key mishandled by O_NONBLOCK
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 Priority:  normal        |             Milestone:  14.1.0                           
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 the enter key is mishandled by the shell and processes using the serial
 console.  affects use of yum because of the prompt to continue.

 to reproduce; type ''read ok'' at the prompt, then enter, then type text,
 then enter.  what should happen is that the command will end.  what does
 happen is that further text is captured until control-d is used.

 regression over 13.2.1.

 no terminal line settings shown by stty seem to relate to the symptom.

 using the f18 agetty stops the symptom.

 new version of util-linux bring patches to agetty which change whether
 O_NONBLOCK is set on the file descriptors inherited by the shell.

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