#12807 LOW 14.1.0: serial console enter key mishandled (was: serial console enter key mishandled by O_NONBLOCK)

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Fri Nov 7 22:53:15 EST 2014

#12807: serial console enter key mishandled
            Reporter:  Quozl         |          Owner:  Quozl
                Type:  defect        |         Status:  assigned
            Priority:  low           |      Milestone:  14.1.0
           Component:  fedora        |        Version:  Development build
          Resolution:                |  as of this date
          Blocked By:                |       Keywords:  41002o4 41003o4
Deployments affected:                |       Blocking:
            Verified:  0             |  Action Needed:  design

Comment (by Quozl):

 summary: the ICRNL bit is missing from IFLAGS.

 workaround: type this command
 stty ircrnl

 diagnosis: a python program was used to read the termios flag bits;
 import sys, termios
 fd = sys.stdin.fileno()

 on 13.1.0 the output was [21760, ...], but on 14.1.0 the output was
 [21504, ...], showing that c_iflag was different in only one bit, ICRNL
 "Translate carriage return to newline on input".

 a test also showed the file descriptor was not set to O_NONBLOCK.

 previous diagnosis failed to use --all on stty.

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