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#12840: Totem does not work
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 Thanks for the problem report.  It can be reproduced on build 41004o4.

 Diagnosis: without OpenGL present, Totem fails while trying to send
 requests to the graphics server.  This is because:
  * the Fedora 20 build of Totem depends on Clutter,
  * the Fedora 20 build of Clutter depends on OpenGL,
  * OpenGL support is not yet in the build (#12834).

 Workaround: enable Mesa software implementation of OpenGL, and restart the
 display manager.

  * edit ''/usr/share/olpc-utils/xorg.conf.d/xo4.conf'' and remove these
 Section "Module"
        Disable "glx"
  * restart the display manager:
 service olpc-dm restart

 When the workaround is applied, Totem works fine for audio files, but may
 underperform for video files.

 Conclusion: the workaround is sufficient for testing of Totem itself, and
 it works in our tests.  So this ticket is closed ''duplicate''.  Please
 monitor ticket #12834 for updates on OpenGL.

 Reference: [comment:9:ticket:12814 #12814 comment 9], and [ticket:11810

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