#12780 NORM Future : XO-4 8787 may cease providing multicast packets to host

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Wed May 7 18:51:09 EDT 2014

#12780: XO-4 8787 may cease providing multicast packets to host
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Component:  kernel  |               Version:  Software Build 13.2.0-13
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 During a heavy load test with #12779, it was found that a test unit
 stopped waking due to mDNS packets.

 The system was waking normally with keyboard control, and with ping
 packets, but not with mDNS packets.

 A side by side tcpdump showed this one laptop of the test bed was no
 longer receiving the packets.

 It was immediately fixed by disconnect and reconnect in Sugar Network

 Theory: the wireless card firmware had lost the multicast MAC address from
 the list of addresses to accept, or the command to set the address had
 been lost.

 Impact: very low probability event, seen once in 48 hours of testing of
 four laptops.  Would result in collaboration failures, yet continued
 internet access.

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