#12793 NORM Not Tri: Dialog boxes appear behind current screen, image 5/6/14

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Sun Jun 8 21:20:16 EDT 2014

#12793: Dialog boxes appear behind current screen, image 5/6/14
 Reporter:  tonyforster  |                 Owner:  Quozl        
     Type:  defect       |                Status:  new          
 Priority:  normal       |             Milestone:  Not Triaged  
Component:  android      |               Version:  not specified
 Keywords:               |           Next_action:  never set    
 Verified:  0            |   Deployment_affected:               
Blockedby:               |              Blocking:               
 When pressing power off button, the two dialog boxes are likely to appear
 behind the current screen (or so it seems). Even when in home screen, the
 second dialog may not appear. In Kingsoft office, I presume the dialog
 that asks for permission to access stats also has this problem. It was
 greyed on startup at least once.

 In general, the symptom is that the screen greys and most inputs are
 blocked, for the case of power down it is clear that a dialog is not
 displaying, for other apps I can only guess that it is waiting on a

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