#12750 NORM Not Tri: Maliit fallback language to Arabic

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#12750: Maliit fallback language to Arabic
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 I set Australia English (en_AU) as language in Sugar control panel. When
 the on-screen-keyboard activates, it show an Arabic layout.

 After reading Daniel Drake contributions to Maliit, I figure out that the
 problem was that there is no "en_au.xml" or "en.xml" language in maliit-
 plugins data/languages/ directory. Therefore the policy is to fallback the
 first one available, which is "ar.xml" in this case.

 The solutions I found:

 Solution 1: Simply adding a "en.xml" file, based on en_us.xml. This way
 when setting en_AU it falls back that option. The pros of this solution is
 that you still use the automatic detection, no need to write config files,
 which is good for a general for a "international" build.

 Solution 2: Adding http://www.fpaste.org/69070/89900891/ . This solution
 works only for particular deployments. Since it simply "sets" enabled and
 active values. This means the OSK layout will always be the one in active,
 but automatic detection won't work. Even if the proper layout is enable,
 it will simply use the one in active. This is not good for a general
 "international" build.

 I was wondering if there is config value (I haven't found it) to set the
 default fallback value?

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