#9913 NORM Future : sugar frame speaker icon does not reflect volume hot key usage

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Sun Jan 5 13:21:02 EST 2014

#9913: sugar frame speaker icon does not reflect volume hot key usage
           Reporter:  Andy Pei  |       Owner:  godiard                           
               Type:  defect    |      Status:  new                               
           Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  Future Release                    
          Component:  sugar     |     Version:  1.5 Software Build os64 aka 10.1.0
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        Next_action:  design    |    Verified:  0                                 
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           Blocking:  10229     |  

Comment(by mtd):

 Replying to [comment:21 Quozl]:
 > [Test case]: Start Sugar.  Start Terminal actvitiy, run alsamixer, so
 that the Master mixer is visible on the left.  Show the frame.  Right
 click on the speaker icon to show the speaker volume.  See the attached
 screenshot.  Note how the Master mixer control is displayed now in three
 positions on screen; (1) the Sugar Frame, (2) alsamixer coloured vertical
 bar, (3) alsamixer selected control yellow text "dB gain".

 If we separate (1) the Sugar Frame into (1a) the Sugar frame speaker icon;
 and (1b) the Sugar frame speaker icon palette slider bar, then the problem
 with the polling solution is that in order for the speaker icon to be
 accurate, it has to poll all the time it's visible.  ISTR this is in
 general bad, but 1) could be acceptable, given the fact it's just once a
 second when the frame is visible; and 2) could be acceptable, given the
 fact there are already lots of wakeups (though this is IMHO a poor
 justification in theory) [http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2778#comment:7

 Is polling all the time the speaker icon (or palette) is visible

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