#12757 NORM Future : XO-1 wireless scan results truncated by nearby mesh nodes

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Sun Feb 9 22:34:37 EST 2014

#12757: XO-1 wireless scan results truncated by nearby mesh nodes
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 If there are nearby mesh nodes, sometimes the active scan omits results.

  * set up a wireless monitor,
  * set up an XO-1 to repeatedly ''sudo iwlist eth0 scan'' and record the
  * set up one, but preferably around ten, XO-1 laptops with mesh enabled
 (the default), and prove that they are beaconing at 409.6ms intervals,
  * place an access point on or next to the XO-1, and try various access
 points until the symptom is detected,
  * test again with all mesh packets disabled using ''echo 0 > lbs_mesh''.

 Expected result: 100% presence of the access point in the scan results,

 Observed result: 95% down to 75% presence depending on access point,
 rising to 100% presence if mesh is turned off.

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