#12747 NORM Not Tri: build fails when olpc-update is removed

Zarro Boogs per Child bugtracker at laptop.org
Mon Nov 18 12:27:16 EST 2013

#12747: build fails when olpc-update is removed
 Reporter:  jvonau        |                 Owner:  dsd                               
     Type:  defect        |                Status:  new                               
 Priority:  normal        |             Milestone:  Not Triaged                       
Component:  build-system  |               Version:  Development source as of this date
 Keywords:                |           Next_action:  never set                         
 Verified:  0             |   Deployment_affected:                                    
Blockedby:                |              Blocking:                                    
 If you remove olpc-update olpc-contents is not installed then the build
 will fail later at preimage.90.core.sh

 Compiling python bytecode...
 Generating contents manifest...
 chroot: failed to run command '/usr/sbin/olpc-contents-create': No such
 file or
  * Caught error, cleanup and then bail out.

 Think the easiest would be to list olpc-contents in

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