#12688 BLOC 13.2.0: XO-4 13.2.0 build 7 runin hang

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#12688: XO-4 13.2.0 build 7 runin hang
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Comment(by shep):

 So the crash I got reminds me of the stack corruption bug of #12197
 (while the other logs attached by rsmith and wad do not, though suffering
 from #12197 did include lots of random inexplicable failures).

 In my crash with the previous line:

 [27206.848127] Bluetooth: vendor=0x2df, device=0x911a, class=255, fn=2
 [27207.704365] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address

 And from an earlier resume, so we can see what the next line would
 normally be:

 [27190.797931] Bluetooth: vendor=0x2df, device=0x911a, class=255, fn=2
 [27191.873034] mwifiex_sdio mmc0:0001:1: WLAN FW already running! Skip FW

 So the prime suspects for my crash are these modules:
 btmrvl_sdio btmrvl mwifiex_sdio mwifiex

 I have restarted runin on this machine, we'll see what happens.

 When I fixed #12197 I did look around a little bit within mwifiex for any
 similar misuse of the stack and didn't find any others. (But I could have
 missed one.)   I never did look at the btmrvl and btmrvl_sdio for such
 similar bugs.

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