#12596 LOW 13.2.0: XO-4 sound streams hang over suspend/resume

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Tue May 28 16:08:22 EDT 2013

#12596: XO-4 sound streams hang over suspend/resume
           Reporter:  tomyin        |       Owner:  dsd          
               Type:  defect        |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  low           |   Milestone:  13.2.0       
          Component:  kernel        |     Version:  not specified
         Resolution:                |    Keywords:               
        Next_action:  add to build  |    Verified:  0            
Deployment_affected:                |   Blockedby:               
           Blocking:                |  
Changes (by dsd):

  * next_action:  never set => add to build
  * component:  not assigned => kernel
  * milestone:  13.1.0 => 13.2.0


 Fixed in arm-3.5 7fa49a9a and aeff3e257a, we now implement a full
 suspend/resume of the audio stream.

 The tdma difficulty encountered earlier is likely due to the close tie
 between tdma and audio. Through a simple experiment I determined that TDMA
 will not roll if the SSPA is not set up. I also found that the SSPA must
 be set up first.

 The previously-disabled suspend/resume code didn't work either. I imagine
 it was just incomplete. I examined carefully the call sequence for when an
 audio stream is opened and made sure that the same sequence executes in
 resume. Now things are working.

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