#12692 NORM Not Tri: XO-4 hangs Starting runin

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#12692: XO-4 hangs Starting runin
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 On a SKU306 XO-4 (S# SHC311002EF), running os7 plus an updated kernel
 (36da52f) and Q7B31, I'm seeing occasional refusal to start runin. The
 result is a system hung with the screen powered and showing the runin
 status as "Starting". The power LEDs is on.  The mic LED is off, and there
 is no response to the keyboard, power key, or serial console.  There is no
 video from the camera.

 This will happen on several reboots (with possible changes of the TS tag
 and booting into SHIP mode) in between.  Then the laptop will runin fine
 for several times, then it might reappear.

 When it happens, the runin logdir contains an empty fail.log and gtk.log.
 The pwr and run logs are attached.

 The serial console simply indicates a boot then no error messages.

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