#12683 NORM 13.2.0: XO-1.75 speakers muted after headphone use

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#12683: XO-1.75 speakers muted after headphone use
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 In Nicaragua a large proportion of the XO-1.75s deployed in a city
 (running 12.1.0) are developing a condition where audio output through the
 speakers doesn't work (silence), but when headphones are connected, you do
 hear audio through the headphones.

 I imagine the cause of this is to be playing sound through headphones
 while shutting down the laptop. At this point alsactl saves to disk the
 fact that the speakers are muted. This state will be restored on next
 boot, even if the headphones aren't connected.

 The code in alc5631_spkr_mute() which deals with speaker mute/unmute based
 on headphone presence saves the speaker state before muting them when
 headphones are connected, and restores that state when the headphones are
 unplugged. That falls down in the face of alsactl save and restore logic.

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