#12580 NORM Future : XO-1.5 audio playback hang

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Tue May 14 13:05:42 EDT 2013

#12580: XO-1.5 audio playback hang
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Comment(by dsd):

 snd_pcm_wait() returns success ("you can write audio data now") but
 snd_pcm_writei fails with EAGAIN. So gstreamer gets confused.

 Disabling dmix doesn't help.

 We can catch this inside the kernel. With some logging messages added, in
 azx_interrupt() we can see that in the failure case, the system receives a
 flood of stream FIFO error interrupts (SD_STS 0x8), rather than the normal
 "audio buffer was played" interrupts (SD_STS 0x24).

 It's not clear why such a FIFO error occurred, nor what the FIFO actually
 is. And the HDA driver currently has no code to handle such conditions.


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